Never. Give. Up.

July 9, 2013 | By Kendra | Filed in: Inspiration.

“Why is this so hard?!” “I can’t do this.” “I want to quit.” “What was I thinking, signing up for a half marathon? I can’t even run 6 miles!” “I should just forget it. I can’t do it.” This is the cold, negative, logical (or so I thought) side of me. This is the person that so many of us have a tendency to become as we get older. Something happens to us as we become adults. We forget how to dream, how to wish, how to believe anything is possible. Whatever happened to the girl who dreamed…the one who believed I could do anything? I’ve realized something lately. She’s still in there. When a run gets difficult, and I don’t want to go on, I dig deep and I hear her. She says “Keep going.” “Never give up.” “Believe.” “You can do this.” I press on, and I finish. Maybe not as fast as I would have liked, maybe not as…comfortably as I would have liked, but I finish. Deep down, I knew I could. God absolutely knew I could (and would), but sometimes that old negativity comes to the surface and seems so much louder.

When things get difficult, I am trying to bring out that dreamer, the girl who believes I can do anything. I can be an adult with all of this life experience, but I can be a dreamer, a believer, a wisher as well. This is the person God wants me to be. Little by little, this is the person I am becoming..


2 comments on “Never. Give. Up.

  1. Ken says:

    I have always been your biggest fan!!!!! Love you!!

  2. Ken says:

    I have always been your biggest fan!!

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