What’s on my running playlist? 7-15-13

July 19, 2013 | By Kendra | Filed in: Fitness.

Hey everyone! Sorry I am late on posting this! I had a little injury last week and the doctor suggested I temporarily change my run/walk intervals. I dialed it back a little, and I am feeling much better! I am learning that I have to take these things seriously in order to stay healthy and keep moving forward in my training. My long run this week was 4.36 miles at a 13 min/mile pace. Not too bad considering! Here are the next five songs on my running playlist!

Love Won’t Leave You

Viva La Vida

Take You at Your Word

Trash Day
Butch Walker

Here’s to Never Growing Up
Avril Lavigne

Well that was quite a mixture! I hope you are finding these interesting! Let me know what songs you have on your workout playlist!

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